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Do you ever look out peewee soccer field and wonder what on Earth could have convinced their coach to take on the challenge of wrangling five-year-olds around the field? Coaching a sport is absolutely a challenge, but like most challenges, it comes with great rewards.

You’ll Be Able to Network

It is harder and harder to make new friends as we grow older. Everyone has a busy life, but when you become a coach, you suddenly have the opportunity to make a slew of new friends. Even if you don’t hit it off personally, you may meet someone who you can network with professionally. The great thing about coaching a team is that you never know who it will lead you to meet. You will probably end up traveling with the team, spending weekends and sometimes even holidays together. This is a great opportunity to not only network but to form lifelong bonds.

You’ll Get a workout

Inevitably, unless you are coaching a chess team, you are going to get a workout in during practices and even games. Overthrown or past balls are yours to track down. You will have to demonstrate the plays and the specific moves of the sport. Not only are there times when you will get exercise naturally, you can decide to get even more if you want! If you decide to send your team on a short run, go with them! Why not? If they need an extra player during a practice, that’s a great opportunity for you to not only step in and show them how to execute a play but also to run around and have fun yourself! Coaching is a two-way street, you are allowed to enjoy the perks of the game as well as the kids!

You’ll Feel a Sense of Accomplishment

As a coach, especially of young children, you will have the opportunity to help someone else develop and achieve their goals. Having the opportunity to make a difference and see first-hand the impact on children’s’ lives are all well documented satisfying rewards. This, in turn, can create a strong sense of self-worth, inner happiness, and overall satisfaction. 

This year, when are asked to coach your kid’s soccer team or you hear about a volunteer opportunity, do it! Coaching provides a unique chance to gain confidence, skills and genuine satisfaction in a fairly short amount of team. You will meet people who you will never forget and you’ll have a whole lot of fun in the process!