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Men and women in uniform do so much to make this country great, but they don’t make their sacrifices alone. When a service member takes the oath, his or her family also gives to their country. Lengthy separations, intense experiences, and frequent relocations push families to adapt to challenges that civilians may not even realize exist.

Sometimes, people recognize the need for support, but they’re unsure how to help. Fortunately, there are organizations that have done much of the footwork to find out what military families need. Whether you’re interested in investing time or money into serving those who serve, there’s an organization for you.

The United Service Organization (USO) is a long-standing supporter of military families. They provide assistance to families and service members from every branch of the military. They welcome troops home from deployments, provide a comfortable place to rest in airports, offer community-building activities for families, and they assist them in times of need.

Operation Homefront
Much like the USO, Operation Homefront offers many different types of assistance to military families. They provide financial support during hardships, and their programs help families build resiliency that they need to thrive.

IParticipate is an initiative developed by the Entertainment Industry Foundation. It connects people who want to donate time or money to organizations that put those resources to good use. They make it easier for organizations that support service members, veterans, and their families to connect with people who want to help. Blue Star Families, The Mission Continues, and the American Red Cross are a few of the volunteer organizations that iParticipate assists. Each of these programs offers a number of initiatives tailored to help families of service members. These groups address everything from families’ morale to career readiness.

Remember that even if you are not able to give a lot of time or money, you can still help. Gestures don’t have to be grand to be meaningful. A handwritten letter to veteran’s family or a donated book for a military child can raise a family’s spirits. By supporting organizations that help military families, you can make an impact.

Military families are willing to give without question. Everyone can show them that their sacrifices haven’t gone unnoticed.