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Blue Parrot Grill


About Blue Parrot Grill

Since 2010 Blue Parrot Grill has been serving customers in Mooresville, North Carolina. When owners Peter and Alida Gjuraj first opened their doors their goal was to have a place where the entire family could work together. However, as word of the delicious food and drinks found at the restaurant spread, more and more people began to frequent the location. Today an average of 1000 people visit the restaurant each day. Customers come for what’s on the menu, but they also come to soak in the view of Lake Norman as well as enjoy the live music that’s featured each week. One thing is for certain: when you visit Blue Parrot Grill, you are guaranteed to enjoy yourself.

Besides the kitchen and the bathrooms, every part of Blue Parrot Grill is located outside beside pristine Lake Norman. Rain or shine, seven days a week, the restaurant is open to families and even their pets. During the summer the restaurant is especially busy with people enjoying their vacations. Fans of frozen drinks will have a difficult time deciding on which drink they should try. Rest assured, though; it’s impossible to pick a wrong option. Due to the restaurant’s location, customers get a particularly wonderful view of the sunset each evening. As the sun goes down customers and the staff alike stop what they’re doing to take in the sight.

Alida, Peter, and the staff at Blue Parrot Grill are passionate about customer service which is one of the reasons why many of the restaurant’s customers are repeat visitors. Customers see how hard the staff works and how much they care about service, and they appreciate the attention and dedication. Alida and Peter strive to treat customers like friends dining at their home. One reason why the staff functions so well are due to the seasonal trips they take together. During the offseason, Peter and Alida take all of the employees somewhere to have fun and unwind after the busy season. In addition to helping the staff unwind, these trips are opportunities for Alida and Peter to think about how they can improve their service for the following year.

Not only does Blue Parrot Grill take care of its team members, it also regularly gives back to the community—especially those that serve in the armed forces. Giving back to those that protect America is very important to Alida and Peter, so they always make sure to support those in uniform in any way they can.